Lessons on Routines for Success

Lesson on Routine and Success

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This is a great infographic from the people at Info We Trust.  It shows how Charles Darwin used his time and had a fairly strict approach, although somewhat secretive when he worked.  Head over to the “Info We Trust site” and take a look at the larger Infographic with more creative names.

We all want to be success in our lives and our work. We all have ways we think we can achieve the lifestyle, happiness and of course the money.  Some of these approach work others don’t.

The one thing that is fairly consistent with all people who have carved out the lifestyle they want is they have also carved out some level of consistent routine. And stuck to it!

And it isn’t meant to be easy! The point of a routine is to get things done so you can move closer to whatever the objective is you want to achieve.  Of course, we all know that…don’t we?  The issue is our commitment to the routine. Commitment is what makes ALL the difference.

There is a great saying which comes from Stephen R. Covey, author of “The Seven Habits of High Effective People”

“It is not your commitment that concerns me, but your commitment to your commitment”

Just roll that saying around in your mind for a moment and let its full meaning open up.  Are you really, really, committed to the commitment you made?

Key Points

The same routine does not work for everyone, because we are all different and work in different environments.

  • You need to take a closer look at what you want or need to achieve
  • Define the key elements of what you have to do to achieve your target/goal
  • Set the priority of each key element – keep this simple
  • Now build a routine around your key elements
    • Identify the task or work and create a schedule that works for you and your work environment.
  • Be sure to add time that is for you. For your well being.
  • Create a paper schedule and pin it on the wall, the fridge, in the car….wherever works for you
  • Make a commitment.
  • Now make a commitment to your commitment!

Wishing you every success!

Click on the Charles Darwin image above or HERE to see the full infographic

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